Zipp SL Speed Seatpost: 27.2mm Diameter, 400mm Length, Zero Offset


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Zipp’s SL Speed Seatpost has become a favorite of pro road and cyclocross racers because of its light weight and dependability. The redesigned SL Speed offers the same range of adjustment as its predecessor, but at a lighter weight. Zipp’s engineers used SRAM’s Exogram™ technology to make the tube as light weight as possible and optimized the clamping system for adjustability, security, and ease of use. What’s more, the SL Speed is available in a 400mm length to accommodate road bikes with compact frame geometry.

Fit, security, adjustability and light weight are what discerning riders look for in a seatpost. That’s precisely why Zipp has expanded its popular SL Speed carbon seatpost to be available in 20mm and 0mm setback option. The 0mm option provides riders with more options to optimize fit and efficiency on the bike. With an extended range of adjustment, you can put your saddle right where you want it, so that it puts you in a position to get the most power out of every pedal stroke.


  • Weight 170g
  • Diameter 27.2mm
  • Length 400mm
  • Setback 0mm
  • Weight limit 300lbs
  • Torque for saddle rails 12Nm
  • Minimum insertion length 100mm
  • Clamp Hardware 6061 aluminum
  • Bolt M5 Steel T25 tool interface
  • Rail Compatibility Round and Square Rails
  • Finish Matte Black


Minimum insertion length is 100mm

Also available the Zipp SL Speed DI2 Internal Battery Mount to hold a Shimano® DI2 seatpost battery within the SL Speed Seatpost, Mount sold separately as an accessory.

Zipp SL Speed Seatpost: 27.2mm Diameter, 400mm Length, Zero Offset