Control Tower Pro Boost Floor Pump


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With the all-new Giant Control Tower Pro Boost, featuring a fully integrated 200psi tubeless inflator chamber alongside the standard inflation chamber, you can get the air you need to seat and inflate any tubeless tire on any wheel and still have the functionality of a standard floor pump.


  • DoubleShot barrel-in-barrel technology means the pump is compact and lightweight
  • Over-sized 3.5” inch pressure gauge
  • Easy to use AutoHead™ technology ensures full compatibility with any valve


  • Barrel: Aluminium
  • Gauge style: Base Gauge
  • Gauge size: 3.5″
  • Base: Steel
  • Handle: Comfort handle design
  • Maximum Pressure: 200psi
  • Height: 695mm
  • Weight: 1900g
  • Hose: 1150mm
  • Volume/Stroke: 369cc
Control Tower Pro Boost Floor Pump