2019 Jiangsu Factory Directly Sale 3000w 5000w 8000w Electric Motorcycle


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Chilwee battery

For lead-acid battery, we will use Chilwee battery. It is a famous brand in China.

lithium battery

For lithium battery, we will use LULI battery for you, it is a famous brand too.


1. ABS

You can choose to add an ABS for it. The price is $50/unit.

2. Bluetooth

We can do bluetooth for you at the price of $50/unit.

3. Super wide tires

You can choose to install the super wide tire, the price is $150/unit. The advantage of super wide tires is that the grip is stronger, the power is greater, the speed is faster, and it looks more splendid.

4. Rear boxes

We can add two rear boxes for you at the price of $120.

Packing & Delivery



Weight: 150kg

Wooden frame and steel frame

We can use wooden frame and steel frame package for you with different prices.

Container loading

20FT Container can load: 20 units.

40FT Container can load: 40 Units.

40HQ Container can load:60 Units.

Packing list


A motorcycle


A free charger


A battery (installed)


A manul


Sea shipping

Kinds of shipping methods are available.

Usually we will use sea shipping to send to you in the term of FOB, CIF, FCA.

Before you place an order, please contact our service to confirm your address, to make sure you will get the goods successfully.

To the world

We can send to most places in the world.

Fast, safe, and efficient.


1. Why there is no power?

Pls check if the battery is fully charged.

Pls check if you turn on the blue button under the cover.(You can contact our service to find the exact location of the blue button)

Pls check if you turn on the power on the handlebar.

2.How to maintain it?

Our electric motorcycle is durable, you do not need to oil it as it is electrical and does not have a chain. You just need to charge it and use it. 

If some parts are damaged, you can contact us for help, sending some small parts to you is cheap.

If you will not use it for a long time, please turn off the blue button to cut off the power to protect the battery. Better use it regularly.

3. Is there any spare parts?

If you order for more than 20 units, we can give you some spare parts for free.

If you want extra spare parts, you can contact our service for help.

4. How long should I replace the battery or other main parts?

For lead-acid battery, usually it can be used for more than 500 cycles. 

For lithium battery, usually it can be used for more than 2000 cycles.

If you feel the power is not enough than before, you can consider about replacing.

For the tire, it depends, but if you feel it is time to replace the tire, you can replace it. Do not replace it until it is worn too much.

5. How to use

 When you receive our 17″ electric motorcycle, please check if there are any damages, you can sign it   only if it has no damages.

 There is a blue button uner the cover, you need to turn it on, then it will connect to the battery.
 Use the charger to charge it. The red light means charging, when the light turn green, then it is fully     charged. The

 charger is plug in, the input is 220v, if the voltage in your country is different, you need to contact us to   order a special charger for it.
 Insert the key, turn on the button on the handlebar, then twist and go.

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Additional information

Max. Speed

> 80km/h



Place of Origin

Jiangsu- China


brushless- 3000-8000w available

Turning signal

Left and right

Max loading



Front and rear hydraulic




110/40-17- 110/70-16

Brand Name


Max load



Racing Motorcycle





Chinese brand



20-80ah available

System protection

Overheat protection


> 2000W


disc brakes




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2019 Jiangsu Factory Directly Sale 3000w 5000w 8000w Electric Motorcycle
2019 Jiangsu Factory Directly Sale 3000w 5000w 8000w Electric Motorcycle
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